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The Covid-19 ( corona virus) is having a dramatic effect on our all our lives with many of us in self-isolation, whether enforced by government or voluntarily. It is having a major impact on the Society of Glass Technology. All our staff have had to be furloughed in order to conserve cash, because we are unable to run the Furnace Solutions/Training Day (FS/TD) seminars. This is one of two significant fund raisers, so we have lost much needed cash-flow. Our other revenue raiser is of course the Annual meeting and this is also potentially at risk. 

It has been suggested by some Fellows that they would be prepared to pay upfront for this programme (FS/TD) to assist. I should add that we cannot guarantee that we can run it but we are planning to run it at the end of September, and we are looking at other options, including by Webinar. It has also been suggested that some would be prepared pay for the Annual meeting upfront.

Furthermore, in some of my conversations with Fellows I have been offered both temporary interest free long-term loans and even gifts. If any of you would like to consider these options I would be very moved. I would like to remind you that the SGT is a charity and donations (but not necessarily loans) are tax deductible in the UK and possibly in other countries. 

These are difficult times for us all, but I don’t think I’m being alarmist when I state that the future of the Society and the jobs of its small band of loyal and hard-working staff are at stake. 

I know this is a big ask and that many will not be able to assist but I feel that some of you may want to help in our hour of need. If any of you are so moved to help it would be good if you will let either Christine or myself know precisely what you are prepared to offer.

Wishing you all and your families a safe outcome.

Best wishes

Stuart Hakes


Society of Glass Technology

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