SGT Annual Conference Cambridge 2022

Cambridge 2022



For four millennia, glass has occasioned the meeting of minds.

Obsidian and glassy fulgurites excited the imagination of our remote ancestors, who found artistic and practical applications for this most magical of substances. Alchemists gloried in the glass which allowed them to see the transformation of base substances within their alembics.

Without glass, advances in medical science would have been unattainable. The mystical fusion of colour and light stimulated the spirituality of those who knelt in mediaeval cathedrals, impacted by the glorious stained glass windows.

And today?
Changes & Challenges still go on.

Molecular scientists are welcome to share their insights at the atomistic level – artists will show how glass excites their creative juices. Businessmen and engineers will ponder how modern techniques can help glass bring enlightenment to our everyday world. Glass chemists will explore how glass can bring protection from toxic and radioactive waste. Historians will speak of past triumphs in glassy endeavours, and archaeologists interpret the tangible evidence of our vitreous heritage.


Society of Glass Technology

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