Gottadi Award

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the ICG will give the 2016 Gottardi Award to our very own Dr Richard Martin.

This means the last 3 winners are all SGT members.

Gottardi Award 2016-Richard Martin

Gottardi Award 2015-Delia Brauer

Delia Brauer, who is a member of the Society, received the award from Peter Simurka at ICG Bangkok in September.

Gottardi Award 2014-Professor Julian Jones of Imperial College

For recognition of his outstanding leadership and contribution to the development of bioglasses. Bioglass structures are not only bonding well with bone but also they are promoting tissue growth and bone regeneration. The bioglass scaffolds will eventually disappear as the body repairs itself fully. Julian was nominated for the prize by the Society of Glass Technology’s Basic Science and Technology Committee and the nomination was voted on by the member organisations of the International Commission on Glass. He was presented with a commemorative piece of Murano glass by Dr Marta Moretti of the sponsor Carlo Moretti of Murano. Professor Jones later gave a lecture on the development of bioglasses and the hybrid materials that add elasticity to the compressive strength of glass. The contribution of sodium, calcium and silicon ions to the promotion of biocompatibility cannot be underestimated, their interaction with stem cells helps with positive outcomes.

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