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SGT Rules and guidelines

12 Fellowship

(a) A Fellow is a person who by reason of having rendered special service in promoting the objects of the Society shall have been elected to Fellowship by the Council on the recommendation of a Board of Fellows constituted and acting in the manner hereinafter provided.

(b) Every person who makes application for Fellowship shall, on a form downloadable here , furnish evidence of being a Member or nominated representative of a Company Member, for at least the last five years and shall quote the names of three persons, either Members or Fellows, but preferably the latter, who have expressed in writing their consent to act as referees: provided that, where that applicant is resident overseas, the Council may on special recommendation from the Board remit wholly or in part the requirement relating to furnishing the names of referees. Further, every applicant shall provide satisfactory evidence of fulfilling the three following general requirements:

(i) of having

EITHER made an outstanding contribution or contributions in some branch of glass technology as defined in Rule 3(a). (The contributions may take the form of published work, inventions or improvements in processes, tools, apparatus or machinery applicable to the glass industry or of the creation and execution of original designs in glass)

OR attained a position of responsibility in service, coupled with positive and adequate service on the Council, or on one or more of the Society’s Committees or on the Committees of other bodies at home or abroad, pursuing interests similar to those of the Society

Such position of responsibility shall normally be one which involves the planning and direction of the work of other qualified staff, whether exercised in general managerial functions or in the more specialised functions of production, of design, of investigation or of technical control; and the applicant shall furnish such evidence as the Board may require of the character and scope of his work and of the activities of the firm, association or institution by which he is employed.

(ii) of being engaged in service, either in the glass industry or in a closely allied industry or in an art, scientific or technical institution associated with the art, science or technology of glass for a period of at least the last seven years.

(iii) of being a graduate of a British University or of possessing such other academic or professional qualifications as may be acceptable to the Board in lieu thereof.

(c) The Board may recommend to the Council for admission by invitation to the Fellowship the name of any person, whether, Member or non-member, and whether or not he could fulfil any or all of the requirements of Rule 12(b), whose distinction and attainments are such and whose services to the Society have been such as to merit special recognition; provided that not more that twelve persons in any period of three consecutive years may be so admitted.

Every proposal for admission to Fellowship under this rule shall be made in writing addressed to the Recorder, hereinafter defined, by three Fellows, one of whom shall serve as sponsor in supplying a full statement of the qualifications of the proposed recipient of the Fellowship, and a statement of distinction, attainments or services which merit special recognition; the sponsor and supporting Fellows shall be required independently to express in writing their reasons for making or supporting the proposal.

(d) A Fellow of the Institute of Materials wishing to join the Society will, after a review of credentials supplied, be recommended by the Board of Fellows to Council for admission to Fellowship under Rule 12 (d).

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