Paul Award

This prize is up for grabs if you present a paper in our New Researchers Forum at our annual conference. You can win £250 + free student SGT membership for the year for the best presentation (clarity, technical content) as voted by the Basic Science Committee. What you got to lose ask your tutor about attending. Turn up, learn, have fun and have a go for that £250.

2019 Winner

Katrina Love, Sheffield Hallam University
Phosphate solubility and impacts on properties of radioactive waste glasses for the Hanford site, USA

Previous Winners

2018 Alex Scrimshire, Sheffield Hallam University
Structural role of iron in nepheline-based aluminosilicates for nuclear waste applications

2017 Ray-Jay Jeng,Tokyo Institute of Technology
Determination of the critical forming condition for ultra-thin tellurite glass film using glass blowing technique

2016-Not awarded due to nature of the conference

2015 – Laura Swansbury, University of Kent
Molecular dynamics modelling of ZnCl2 glass

2014 – Serena Panighello Dept. of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems, University of Venice and National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
Application of Laser Ablation ICP-MS depth profiling methods for the study of African glass beads

2013 – Annelore Blomme, KU Leuven 
Fingerprinting first millennium B.C. glass artefacts by Sr and Nd isotopic analysis

2012 – James Stevens, University of Sheffield
Understanding the effects of refractory spinel phases on HLW glass processing

2011 – Oliver Alderman, University of Warwick
Local Structure in Pb2+-Containing Silicate and Germanate Glasses

2010 – Dean Whittaker, University of Bath 
Working under pressure with neutron diffraction: GoO2, B2O3 and SiO2 at pressures up to 18 Gpa

2009 – Mr Jeremy Soulié, Clermont Université
Influence of Magnesium on the physico-chemistry at bioactive glass / biological medium interface studied by Micro-PIXE

2008 – Robert Moss, University of Kent
X-ray and neutron diffraction in symbiosis: getting the most out of experimental data

2007 – Emma Barney,University of Warwick 
Sodium tellurite glasses and the related meta stable crystal phases

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