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Bosc D'Antic on Glass-Making

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THIS is the second of three volumes illustrating progress in understanding glass making from the 17th century to the early part of the 19th. The first was Christopher Merrett’s Art of Glass of 1662, an extensively annotated translation of Antonio Neri’s L’Arte Vetraria first published in Florence in 1612. This volume from France covers the years 1758–80 and the third will describe glass technology in Austria and Germany in 1820–35. Each of these shows notable advances in understanding over the previous volume.
PAUL BOSC D’ANTIC was a Protestant physician who became fascinated by glass making and gained influential friends who gave him the task of improving the manufacture of plate glass at Saint Gobain in 1755. He spent two years there before being dismissed but continued to make his career in glass making. At one stage he came to England hoping for a post at Ravenhead but was disappointed. After returning to France he eventually became physician to the King.
He wrote extensively and very readably on glass making and several other subjects, in papers published between 1758 and the appearance of his Collected Works in 1780. His most important essay is a long one on Means of improving glass making in France which in 1760 won him a prize offered by the Royal Academy of Sciences but also offended his erstwhile employers at Saint-Gobain. It was supplemented by extensive notes written for the 1780 publication.
This volume contains translations of the Preliminary Discourse that he wrote for the Collected Works, the prize essay with the notes inserted where appropriate, nine others concerned with various aspects of glass making, and two more on the assaying of ores and on the manufacture of faience.
The subjects of the nine papers include:
Bubbles in glass
Smears in glass
Crucibles from the Auvergne
Manufacture of potash
Use of unusual minerals as raw materials
Manufacture of sheet glass

2003, 256 pages, A5, ISBN 0-900682-44-2

Volume 1. Art of Glass by Christopher Merrett (1662)
Volume 2. Bosc D'Antic on Glassmaking (1758-1780)
Volume 3. Early Nineteenth Century Glass Technology in Austria and Germany: the works of Professor B. Scholz and Factory Superintendent Kirn (1820-1837)
Volume 4. Apsley Pellatt on Glass Making: Publications by Apsley Pellatt senior & Apsley Pellatt junior (1807−1849)
Volume 5.Bontemps on Glass Making: the Guide du Verrier of Georges Bontemps Translated by Michael Cable
Volume 6. Chemical Technology of Glass, Tranlsated by Michael Cable
Volume 7. Glass Manufacture by Walter Rosenhain Introduced by Professor Michael Cable
Volume 8. A History of the Firm of Chance Brothers & Co., Glass and Alkali Manufacturers. by J. F. Chance Foreword by Michael Cable

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