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Apsley Pellatt on Glass Making

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APSLEY PELLATT (1791-1863) was a well-known London glass-maker who took over the family firm in 1826 on the death of his father. Early in his career he developed a technique for encapsulating ceramic medallions in glass which led to his first publication in 1821. He was keenly interested in all aspects of glass making and became an acknowledged authority on its history but he was as interested in the latest developments and that led him to offer Michael Faraday the facilities of his works for the latters early experiments on making optical glass. He is today chiefly remembered for his copiously illustrated Curiosities of Glass Making published in 1849 which he addressed to the interested public. In it he explained the methods used to make many different types of glass ware. Six colour plates showed many notable pieces of ancient glass including the Naples vase, as impressive a demonstration of Roman skills as the Portland vase. Pellatt was a public-spirited man who for some years served on the Common Council of the City of London and, towards the end of his life, was a Member of Parliament. This volume, the fourth in this chronological series, includes all known publications by Apsley Pellatt and his father, Apsley senior, who has until now been ignored in the literature. 300 pages, 156x234 mm, softback, black and white illustrations and colour plates. ISBN 0-900682-54-X



1807: Patent No. 3058: Lighting the interiors of ships, buildings &c. 1
1819: Patent No. 4424: Ornamenting glass 7
1821: Memoir on the origin, progress and improvement of glass manufacture 15
1831: Patent No. 6091: An improved mode of forming glass vessels 43
1838: Proc. Inst. Civil Engrs: Heating powers of coke and coal in melting glass 63
1840: Proc. Inst. Civil Engrs: On the manufacture of flint glass 67
1845: Patent No. 10,669: Improvements in the manufacture of glass 75
1848: Curiosities of Glass Making 101 INDEX 265
Bibliography 271

Volume 1. Art of Glass by Christopher Merrett (1662)
Volume 2. Bosc D'Antic on Glassmaking (1758-1780)
Volume 3. Early Nineteenth Century Glass Technology in Austria and Germany: the works of Professor B. Scholz and Factory Superintendent Kirn (1820-1837)
Volume 4. Apsley Pellatt on Glass Making: Publications by Apsley Pellatt senior & Apsley Pellatt junior (1807−1849)
Volume 5.Bontemps on Glass Making: the Guide du Verrier of Georges Bontemps Translated by Michael Cable
Volume 6. Chemical Technology of Glass, Tranlsated by Michael Cable
Volume 7. Glass Manufacture by Walter Rosenhain Introduced by Professor Michael Cable
Volume 8. A History of the Firm of Chance Brothers & Co., Glass and Alkali Manufacturers. by J. F. Chance Foreword by Michael Cable

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